Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Girlie Cafe

On Friday I had quite the long day, I started my day by waking up at three in the morning(which I had only gotten to bed the night before at midnight)to go out and catch some good deals with my brother and sister-in-law, then had to drive home from St. Cloud which is about an hour away, from there I had to go clean the house I clean every Friday which took me an extra 30 to 40 min longer than usual to clean. So by the time I was leaving that house I was wiped out, and bracing myself for the disaster that I was sure was waiting for me at home, with all my girls home and my two nieces there I was sure my house was going to look like a tornado hit it!!! So when I arrived home and walked in the front door my entry way was spotless, I then said to myself, " Okay this is looking good, looking good!!!" I then walked upstairs and my living room, kitchen, and bathroom were spotless as well, I said to Maddy and my niece Ashtyn, " I'm pleasantly surprised!" my niece then said, " Well don't go in Maddy's room because you won't be surprised!" One messy room out of the house I can handle that. They then let me know that they we having a restaurant and that they would be cooking dinner for the night!!! Does it get any better than this??? So here is the " Girlie Cafe."

Friday, November 28, 2008

Family and Good Friends

With the holiday weekend coming to a end it left me feeling very thankful for my family and good friends! I am so very thankful to have at least one of my siblings and his family out here in Minnesota to be able to spend the holidays with, and also for my husband and my four daughters who are the center of my life!! I am also very thankful for our ward family who have been a great strength in my life over the last 3 1/2 years and have opened up their homes and have helped make Minnesota feel like home.

The kids eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

Ashley and Ashtyn.

Just how many girls can we fit in a chair??

Thursday, November 20, 2008

To retain or not to retain?

I've been teetering with the idea of starting preschool with Hannah, but not really knowing if she really would retain anything because she still is pretty young, but with some nudging from my mom telling me "You'd be amazed at how much they pickup on even at a young age." Then later in the week with Hannah showing me how much she really is picking up on things, bad habits and all when I heard her say to Mike, "Daddy is a stupid head" (you got to love older sisters) I thought if she can pickup all her lovely older sister's language I'm sure she can learn her ABC's and 123's! So I pulled out the preschool tote and starting our circle time and right on cue when I starting singing the ABC's song our cat O Malley joined us just like he did EVERY TIME when I did preschool with Emily. Which is I think is quite amazing for a cat most people don't even know we have a cat because he's never around, but to this day when he hears that song he comes running! So we did our first little circle time, Hannah had a blast and even sat still the whole circle time!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Love From Home!

Since we moved to Minnesota my mom has been great at sending packages to the kids, it may be little dollar toys, candy, preschool supplies, money for the dollar store, snacks from Keebler where my brother works and has lots of leftover snacks, or just letters. The kids love getting these packages and get sooo excited when one comes!! Well this last package she sent was books that she got at a yard sale, and the girls could hardly wait to get them out of the box and start reading them. I was excited to have some new reading material for the girls, it seems like Emily always chooses they same books to read for her nightly reading. So we all walked away pretty happy, they get to read new stories and I get to listen to new stories. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!!

I thought I would throw this picture in to show whose behind the book!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am: happy to be a wife and a mother.
I know: my heavenly father loves me.
I want: a whole new wardrobe.
I have: a wonderful life.
I dislike: mean people.
I miss: my family in Utah really bad!
I feel: very blessed.
I hear: my children laughing and playing.
I smell: clean sheets.
I crave: Thanksgiving dinner.
I cry: at touching moments and sad movies.
I search: for Emily and Hannah's shoes almost every Sunday morning!
I wonder: if I'll live in Minnesota forever.
I regret: when I am ungrateful.
I love: my family.
I worry: about my kids all turning out in this crazy world.
I remember: the first day I met Mike.
I dance: not as often as I would like too.
I don't: think the gas prices are going to stay this LOW!!!
I argue: with close minded people.
I write: a lot of checks for school lunches.
I win: at Monopoly every time.
I lose: my patience over silly things.
I wish: I would get more comfortable speaking in front of a lot of people.
I listen: to our Primary children sing every week and LOVE it!!
I can usually be found: laying out rather than swimming.
I am scared: of losing anybody close to me.
I need: a vacation really bad!!
I forget: to call my extended family as often as I would like too.
I tag: anybody that reads my blog, and I'm looking forward to reading them!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The tooth fairy is missing in action. Madisyn lost her tooth 3 nights ago, the first night I cut the tooth fairy a little slack but after the third night I am disgusted with her!! What kind of tooth fairy do my kids have? Each morning I have to come up with some reason why the tooth fairy didn't come: "Well maybe the tooth fairy is confused as to which pillow to leave it under because of the frequent switching of beds? Well that tooth was mostly filling, maybe she is getting picky these day? Well maybe it was just a really busy night there is only one tooth fairy right?" Good grief I'm running out of excuses!!! You'd think seeing the sheer disappointment on this child's face every morning that the tooth fairy would just remember and I not fall asleep while waiting for all of her many children to fall asleep so she can do her job. ( the tooth fairy does have some pretty long days!!!) So finally I talked to the tooth fairy's husband and he also works in the middle of the night and said he would be happy to call and remind the "tooth fairy" tonight after all the kids are fast asleep. So.... we shall see.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


The girls had a wonderful night on Halloween. They got enough candy to last them at least a couple of weeks ( o.k. hopefully longer) and even lucked out and had a fairly warm night!!! We had a lot of good food and great company it was a pretty good night.

Ashley dressed up as a teenager and even played the part fairly well by hanging with her friends for the night.

Hannah was a witch!

Madisyn was "Laura Ingalls"

Emily was little red riding hood.

Our neighborhood had a lot of cool decorations out.

Trick-or -Treating.

The kids had it easy they got to ride on a trailer on hay bales.

Maddy and Bella.