Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too Far Away

Ever since we left Utah Hannah has been asking to play with her cousin Easton. Every time she asks its usually when were in the car going somewhere or getting ready to come home from somewhere that we've been, and each time we show up to whatever place it is were going to she realizes it's not Easton's house or Easton's not there, she burst into tears and cries out, " I want to play with Easton!" It is the saddest thing, I try to explain to her that Easton lives too far away to play with......

They pretty much were together the whole time we were in Utah they definitely had their good times, but definitely had their bad times too. I think the saying is, "To much of anything can be a bad thing!" Especially when your dealing with a three year older.

But in the end they were always happy to see each other and he's Hannah's new best little bud!
Sadly, I think it is finally sinking in with Hannah that Easton is too far away to play with, yesterday she told me, "Easton lives in Utah Mom, we can't play."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy Nails

While in Utah we had a nail painting party with Laci, Pauline, and my girls and I. Laci had so many fun new colors that it made it hard for us to choose just one color so we decided to have them all. Laci was a good sport and painted all of our nails.....

Emily with one coat on and three more to go.......
Hannah's showing the finished project, she LOVES getting her nails done!
Ashley showing off hers.

This is one of the many things the girls love about going back to Utah they get to get all pampered up, they topped this day off with a day at Grandma Hobbs' hair salon where Grandma and Aunt Susan did their hair.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Big Surprise

In January as most of you know we had a big surprise, after feeling physical and mentally done with my child bearing years Mike and I both decided that are little/big family was complete. At last I was able to get rid of anything that Hannah had outgrown/didn't use anymore. But to my surprise Heavenly Father had a different plan for our little/big family and blessed us with one more little baby......after letting the big news settle with me for a little while I eventually told my family of our big surprise and then asked Mike when he was going to tell his family, he then told me that he wasn't going to tell them, that they would find out when we went back to Utah in June, he thought it would be a fun surprise. This idea didn't shock me both of his older sisters did they same thing, his oldest sister Michelle thought it would be fun to surprise their sister Rayma that was on mission with her growing belly when she returned home from her mission, and his other sister Rayma surprised us a year ago when we went home for a wedding with her growing belly as well. But in the meantime that meant that I couldn't blog about our news.

So finally June got here and we were able to share our Big Surprise with everyone not only was it a big surprise that we were having another one, but in May we found out it was a BOY. After 4 girls we felt pretty confidant that we knew what we were having, but Mike and I were both blown away to find out that we had broken our pattern and were having a little boy!! Mike and I both welled up with tears in the ultra sound room, not only did we find out that it looked as though we were having a healthy baby, but also a baby boy. I laid there thinking after she told us it was a boy, " Wow this is going to be sooooo different not only do we have 4 girls, but they are all girlie girls, no more bows, cute frilly outfits, baby dolls, and dress up. Bring on cars, bugs,..... and whatever else little boys like??"

Some of Mike's family after a couple of glances at my belly and hearing a few snickers from some of us that already knew I was pregnant, finally asked, " Is there something you want to tell us?" and others that definitely noticed I was rounder but were to polite to ask found out by this invitation to the shower that my mom and little sister threw for me:

There was a couple who had four kids, And thought that they were through. Until one day the stork came by, And said, "I have a surprise for you!" You see they were quite startled by this new surprise, Everything was going fine until they realized, We have no diapers, they did say, no clothes or bottles too, Binkies, Onesies, we gave away, for we thought we were through! An "Oops" shower we will have to celebrate this baby! Please come and have lots of fun, please don't tell me maybe. Tons of goodies we will serve to keep us full of joy, So come and help us welcome this surprise baby boy!

It turned out to be a fun surprise, but I'm thankful that the little secret is out so I can blog about the rest of my pregnancy, we are are so excited to start this next chapter in our lives and to welcome this little baby boy(hopefully, or she'll be stuck in a lot of boy clothes)