Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunbathing in March

We have had AMAZING weather for the last 3 week. The temps have been in the high 70's and 80's it has been wonderful! Today the kids ran through the sprinklers after we finished up the yard work...Awww it has been heaven!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Ashley's Senior prom was yesterday . Her good friend Heather came over to help her get ready(brave, brave, girl) and after three long hours of helping Ashley get ready, when we were all done Ashley looked stunning.
Ashley's good friend Cullen was her date, their group went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
This is the last dance I'll be helping Ashley get ready for... if Ashley wasn't so stressful getting ready for dances.. I might have gotten emotional.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dear Grandpa,

I can't believe is been over a week since I got the horrible phone call telling me that you had passed away. It was so hard to be in Nebraska and not to be at your side like all the other family in Utah, I wanted so badly to go the hospital and to give you one more kiss, to tell you how much I loved you, and to tell you goodbye. I wasn't ready for you to leave Grandpa.
Your services were amazing so many people came to pay their respects to you it was crazy, I got to the mortuary at 4:50 because I wanted to have some time alone with you to tell you's a good thing I got there when I did because people started to arrive at 5:00 and they keep coming till after 10:00 I think everyone knew that 6:00-8:00 wasn't going to be enough time for such a wonderful man. You had over 1000 people come and they stood in a line for more than three hours to pay their last respects...Man, you were loved Grandpa!
Your services were so beautiful and fitting. We had your favorite pair of cowboys boots filled with flowers, family pictures, quotes, favorite stories and lastly your favorite candies- good and plenty's and mints "compliments of the Candy Man." displayed on a table. Shad put together a DVD of pictures through out your life of you with your beloved family, it was beautiful he worked so hard on it and we had that going throughout the viewing. Also, we had a DVD of "Spanish Fork Legends" honoring you and your band. It had you singing, talking, and telling a story...that DVD is priceless.
After the viewing, Laci, Ashley, and I went back to your house and stayed with Grandma for the night.. it was therapeutic laying in your spot in the bed and talking with grandma I'll always treasure that. I didn't get much sleep that night because I couldn't stop crying and thinking about you...Grandpa I am sure going to miss you.
Your funeral was beautiful, the morning viewing was just as busy as the night before. Shad offered the family prayer he did a beautiful job, then it was time to close the casket and to kiss you one last time in this life.
Allen, Dad, Shauna, Sharon, and Stacey spoke and told some funny and also touching stories. They spoke about how you were a hard working farmer, how you did your weekly bread runs to all of the widows, how you sang at the retirement home once a week and brighten the spirits of all that listened and how much you loved your family. The oldest grand child from each family spoke and shared their families fondest memories. Jordan sang and played " Welcome to my world" by your favorite singer Jim Reeves followed by " These hands", "Danny boy", " I love you because" and all the great grand kids sang " I am a child of god." I know that last song had you laughing and crying.. you loved them all so much.
Grandpa I am going to miss so many things about you, I am going to miss your 100's of kisses, you telling me" You're so precious," "I love you so much," "Darling, you have a beautiful family," and" I am so proud of you." I am going to miss our talks, your long car rides, your kind sparkly blue eyes, your advice, your belly laughs, your scent, your hugs and most of all YOU.
I found out I wasn't your only favorite that you just had the ability to make everyone you came into contact with feel like they were the most important person. Brandon shared with me what one of his friend said to him after he heard of your passing, He said, " Brandon, your grandpa had a way of making any person he was talking to feel like they were the most important and smartest person in the room . That he needed your advice on something or it just wouldn't work." Grandpa that was just you. You were the most generous, kind, smartest, hard working, loving, man that I've ever known and I am so honored to say that I am your granddaughter. I am going to miss you so much and I love you more than words could say.
Till we meet again Grandpa.
Love you, Shantel.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to a VERY special man!!

I posted this three year ago but after the recent passing of this wonderful I go again.
Happy Birthday Grandpa Swenson

My grandpa is one of the most generous people I know.

My grandpa's scent is of black licorice and leather, licorice because he keeps a candy mixture in his pocket to coax the grand kids into giving him hugs and kisses and leather for the leather boots he wears all the time, my favorite thing about our new Explorer is the smell of leather , which of course reminds me of my grandpa!!

My grandpa
loves his family, he is the only man I know that cries at the sight of all his family being together and also when he offers the blessing on the food that we all have joined together to eat.

My grandpa was a hard working farmer, worked very hard for all he has and has a lot to show for all his hard work.

My grandpa has a beautiful voice and sings to the patients at the nursing home once a week and every funeral in Spanish Fork ( maybe not everyone, but pretty darn close!!)

My grandpa reminds me every time I see him, to enjoy my kids and tells me what a beautiful family I have.

My grandpa has always giving not one kiss when I see him, but rather at least five kisses at a time.

My grandpa is a worrier he worries about his family very much, like my dad says ," He worries about not having something to worry about ";)

My grandpa is a great
story teller I could sit for hours listening to him talk.

My grandpa has been a great example to me in my life, he has taught me to really, Live, Laugh, and Love and for that I will always be grateful!!