Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hannah is working on mastering her cutting and name writing skillz. On this given day we copied an art project Emily brought home from school, a homemade pizza.

Whenever we do circle time now Hannah insists on being the teacher 50% of the time, she loves to recite the shapes, colors, and numbers to Mason, and he in return loves it even more, his big sister Hannah is the coolest!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All by myself

This post is about a month late but better late than never. Mason is sitting all by himself, he loves that he can sit and be big like his big sisters, his big smile says it all.
Mason started to sit all by himself at 6 1/2 months.

Weekend Getaway

The girls, Mason and I went to our friends parents house for the weekend, we did a lot of relaxing, talking, eating, sleeping, exploring, planting, and hot tubing.

Baby kittens were born while we where there, the girls were so excited!

We all had a great time, it was so nice to get away.
I am so thankful to have such great friends that were brave enough to spend a whole weekend with my crazy bunch, and for "grandma and grandpa" as Hannah is now calling them
for opening up their home to us .

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I love being a mom, it is by far the most challenging but rewarding job I've ever had.
My children continue to love me in spite of all my imperfections, and shower me with their love daily. I had a wonderful Mother's Day and got some awesome gifts.

Ashley wrote a beautiful post on my blog.
Madisyn wrote a beautiful poem for me.
Emily made me a beautiful vase with flowers and a card with a coupon book in it.
Hannah and Mason snuggled me extra tight and
Mike and the kids got me a card and a CD.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers day mom!!

Well I decided that this mothers day I wanted to write something nice for my mom and what better place to do it than her blog!
My mom to say the least is amazing! Some of her many great qualities are:
a good listener,
hard worker,
good example,
thought full,
a little strange at times haha:],
and so much more.
In most of my memories my mom has always been there and how lucky am I to have a mom that has always been present in my life. When ever she is around she lights up the room with her wonderful smile and friendly/fun personality. My mom means the world to me and I would never trade her for anything. She has always been there for me, through the owies, tummy aches, and heart aches, she is the one person I know that if I need someone to talk to she will always be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. I'm so grateful that my mom and I are so close, I can honestly say she is my best friend. I'll never forget the fun car rides, shopping trips, keeping her up until 12:30 talking to her, and the laughs we have shared. She is a great mother and really brings peace and love into our home. My one greatest goal in life is to be just as good of a mom as she is, and she is my biggest role model in my life and she does a great job at being it. I've always looked up to her and tried my best to be just like her. I'll never forget everything that she has taught me. One thing I know for sure is that heavily father was really watching out for me when he blessed me with her as my mom and I thank him every day for that. She is definitely the person that encourages me to do my best and try hard in life. I have also planned that when it comes time for me to go to college I'm finding a suit case that she can fit in and bringing her with me! haha. I'm so excited for all the years I have to come with my mom and I look forward to many more shopping trips, laughs, life lessons, and long talks.
Mom we all love you so much and we appreciate everything you do for us, your the best mom! I hope you have a wonderful mothers day!
looove your bestie ashley:]