Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well two weeks ago today we arrived in Omaha to start our new chapter in our lives, and I couldn't be more happier!

New Friends

Omaha has opened its arms wide and have taking us all in, the girls are loving their new schools and have all made a lot of new friends! Maddy, Emily, and Hannah all have girls their age that live right next door, the first thing that Hannah says when she wakes up and the last thing before she goes to sleep at night is, "Can I play with Holly. " Ashley has had plans on the no tears have been shed since we arrived in Omaha and I couldn't be more thankful! We moved across the street from some amazing people, they are members of our church which is sooo nice because we instantly had that immediate connection, they have opened up their home and hearts to us and have had us over for dinner, a lunch date, shown me the area, and introduced us to a lot of fun people.

New Home.
I am loving the area we bought in and I am loving our new home home. I have had a lot fun painting the stark white walls some fun new bold colors, I love the color palette that my sister picked out for me, a little gold, teal, tan, red, orange, and green some of the colors are a little out of my comfort zone but I am loving them together, I think they accent each other very well. I can't wait until the last picture is hung and to see the end results to making this home our home!

New Ward.
One thing I have discovered moving out of state is that our ward families have saved us.
The void that we felt from being so far away from family, was filled by our great ward family I really couldn't imagine living out of state without them, we left behind a lot of great people but I am excited for the opportunity and growth that we'll have in our new ward and we have already met some great people! We are excited to be in a large ward again, I think the Primary President said that there are 80 children in the Primary and 20 in the Nursery...Yay it feels like our Utah ward!!

I think what we all love about Omaha is that it feels so familiar, not sure if it's because it feels a lot like Utah( a lot of shopping, rolling hills, larger numbers at church, a little warmer climate, and a lot of sunny days) but whatever it is we love it here!!