Thursday, September 29, 2011


Maddy got braces yesterday. The orthodontist only did the tops yesterday and then in a month he"ll put on the bottoms. Mason thought it was the weirdest thing, when Maddy smiled he keep looking right at Maddy's teeth and would say, " Maddy's teeth" and keep rubbing his tongue over his own teeth.

Maddy looks super cute and I can't wait to see her with her beautiful straight teeth!

Homecoming Week

Ashley's school had spirit week the week of Homecoming and each day the kids dressed up in their best Nerd, P.J., Western and Super Hero gear. Ashley dressed up every day except super hero day!

Then on Saturday, Ashley went to the Homecoming dance. Being the well prepared Mom that I am.. I forgot to charge my camera so I was only able to get a couple of pictures of Ashley before my camera no date pictures.

Powder Puff

Ashley played a Powder Puff football game this year, during Homecoming week. It was Seniors girls vs Juniors girls and the Seniors blew the Juniors out of the water with a score of 35 to 7. It was fun to watch my girlie girl play a game of football!

Birthday Boy

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dear Mason,

I want you to know how much love you bring into your families lives. It is weird to think of our lives before you were in them. You are our entertainment, rather it's saying something unbelievably cute, making cute faces, keeping us on our toes with your busy little body or watching you screaming with delight whenever your daddy gets home....I have NEVER seen anybody love their daddy as much as you do...sooo cute. You are a happy little guy and as long as you're around the ones you love you are happy! It is so fun to watch you learn more things on a daily basis... you are getting too smart and too big way to fast. I love to sneak snuggles from you whenever I can get them and everyday I look forward to spending my days with my lil' buddy. Happy 2nd birthday Mason!!
Love, Mom.

Your favorite things right now are: your DADDY, play fighting, cars, Woody and Buzz, chocolate milk, action figures, animals and Sponge Bob.

Your least favorite things are: nursery, eating, swings and when daddy does to work.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

All Gone!!

Mason loves to throw things away! Today he came downstairs with his dirty shirt all crumpled up in his little hands, walks right past me and goes straight to the kitchen, I then hear our cabinet door close followed by Mason walking out of the kitchen brushing his cute little hands together and no shirt.... I then told Maddy, "I think that little stinker just threw away his shirt remind me to get it later." Well... later when I actually remembered I dug through the garbage and not only found Mason's shirt but also one of my new hand towels. On other days I've found sippy cups and toys.... so needless to say I've gave up searching for some recent "missing" items..... maybe, just maybe they're laying in the landfill!