Friday, August 19, 2011


Ooooh, how I love this little boy!

BaCk tO sCHoOL

Top reasons why I didn't want school to start this year:

The summer was waaaay to short!

My baby girl Hannah started ALL day Kindergarten!

Emily started 4th grade.. which I hear is a bear in this school district!

Madisyn started 7th grade.. which in our district 7th thru 12th grade is in the same grade! 7th graders mixed with high school kids....scary!!

Ashley started 12th grade.....AHHH I have a Senior!

I hated to see Summer end and face reality, but in the end the only tears that were shed on the first day were mine and the girls all had a good day!

Emily was so good with Hannah she helped me walk Hannah to her class and then Emily and I gave Hannah a big kiss and told her good-bye. Hannah then told Emily, " I love you Emily..I'll really miss you today."

With all the picture taking Mason kept saying "Cheese" I guess he wanted his picture taking too!

I guess it's just Me and Buddy at home.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Got routine??

During Summer break our routine goes out the window. We stay up waaay too late and sleep in waaay too long and with our busy days Mason's naps are hit and miss... which leads to a very tired little boy! So as much as I think BOO for the new school year to start in 5 days.... I say YAY for our routines to start back up!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear Emily,

Where does the time go? The last 9 years have flown by. Emily you bring such laughter to our family you are so witty and come up with the funniest things to say, although you're our little spitfire you have a heart of gold.... I think you may take after me just a little bit. You are such a sweet funny girl. You're a daddy's girl and he loves the hugs that await him everyday from you when he gets home. I am so proud of you, you have such a positive attitude and make the best out of situations. You're easy to love because you're so lovable. You are a beautiful, smart, funny, strong headed girl and I am sure it will get you far in life! Thanks for being my funny little Em! Happy 9th birthday Emily.
Love, Mom.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


We spent two weeks of July in Utah. I was horrible this trip and pretty much got NO pictures but we did however do a lot of fun things while we were there.
We had Mike's parents 40 anniversary party, went to the aquarium, Seven peaks water park, Mrs. Fields cookie factory tour, Air force museum, Wheeler farm, swimming, the movies, sushi nights, family BB Q's, Gateway, hiking, Draper days and my favorite lots of Shopping!
We are so thankful for our trips to Utah and are so thankful for our families that literally drop everything they are doing to spend time with us....we don't expect it but are very thankful for it!

ThE CarNiVaL

Every year the kids put on a carnival at Grandma Armour house. The older ones are in charge of the setup and running of the carnival. The carnival consist of tIcKEts, GaMEs, pRIzES, SNoWcONes, pOpcOrn, and SmILes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011