Thursday, August 28, 2008

Say its not so!

Well the summer is coming to an end,and as much as I'm trying to deny it its true.I love love love summer and enjoy it more in Minnesota than I did in Utah ,because the winters are so stinky cold here.I also love summer because I really enjoy having the kids home and being able to just pickup and do whatever,there all my little buddies and help me not miss home so much.Well I decide to get one more day at the lake before the kids start school on Tuesday.Well it wasn't the warmest day,but the kids didn't care the even got in the water and had a great time with their friends. So I guess in less than a week it will be just Hannah and I at home, which is good we can have alot of one-on-one time which she loves , and alot cleaner house because the little mess makers will be at school ! So Farewell Summer, Hello Fall.

Emily and Maddy trying to warm up after their swim.

Emily swimming with her friends.

Hannah stayed warm on the chair.

Madisyn's collection of rocks

Hannah's cheesy smile.

Pretty cool sand castle.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The promise that came ohhh so soon!

Well starting in about 6th grade Ashley started asking for a cell phone,my response was," when you start High School will get you one!" Well not only is my first born starting high school I also had to live up to my promise. So with some persuasion with Mike,and some ground rules set with Ashley,Ashley got her phone. Now I have had alot of people ask me what about Ashley we never see her in any of your post. Now you'll see why....... Between Ashley talking on the phone to her friends or using the computer to chat with them, when shes not on the phone with them. Leaves me with not a whole lot left to blog about.But in all seriousness Ashley is a great daughter and between living and breathing her friends she still takes time to enjoy her family.( as much as a teenager can enjoy their family.) We Love Ya Ashley!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My hip hop girls!

"Hip Hop" would probably be my girls favorite dance style ,but unfortunately their dancing school doesn't offer that class yet! So they lucked out this week,my neighbor hosted a Hip Hop camp for the neighborhood kids, to help an award winning boy from Rosedale earn some money for a dancing school in California. They had such a great time they practiced on Monday from 10:00 to 3:00 and the same on Tuesday,then had a mini recital on Tuesday night.They both did such a great job and it was so cute to watch,(Mike was a little jealous though,Mike said"why are we paying some kid to teach are girls hip hop when I could do that." ) for those of you that don't know Mike was quite the dancer when he was younger and actually still has it,and got to freshen up on some skills recently at his sister's wedding ;) Mike was very impressed with the teacher though and knew that the proceeds we going for a good cause :0

Maddy with a pretty cool pose.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Emily Faith

Emily thinking about her wish really hard!

Emily got alot of cool gifts.

The "lil" chefs in action!

It was edible.Good work!

Emily is 6 years old,where does the time Go?It really seems like not that long ago she was just a baby.Now she is starting first grade,I'm not sure how thats going to go with it being all day long, she had a hard time with kindergarten having to leave me for half the day,but she has a looping teacher so she'll have Ms.Lorenz again so that will help. For Emily's birthday she had a little cooking party,the kids got to make their own pizzas and decorate cupcakes the kids all loved it ,and I must say it wasn't as messy as I was worried about! With the birthday money that was sent out from grandma's, grandpa's,aunts and uncles Emily is getting quite the collection of Webkinz going on she loves them!So thank you all!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why we love Minnesota!

Hannah with the purple fuzzy socks!
Hannah was very very fond of them.

Hannah having a little break! Ashley and Jackie ! I had to twist their arms to take a picture of them!

The summers in Minnesota almost make up for the brutal winters here(almost). I must say having grown up in a desert state where a good lake was at least an hour away, makes you really realize how amazing it is to have all these lakes so close by.This is one thing that our family all likes to do and its free entertainment! Now I'm not much of a lake swimmer...O.K. or pool,and Ashley's at the age where she probably would like to go swim ,but then she would run the chance of running into someone with wet hair... which is the end of the world for her ( I don't know where that comes from ....) so she makes a great layout buddy for me!Well on this particular day Hannah was being her normal 2 year older self and found this pair of fuzzy purple socks, demanded one of the girls to put them on her,and lets just say I was lucky to get them off when we got to the lake! It turned out to be a Fabulous day at the lake and left me feeling grateful to live in such a wonderful State.