Thursday, July 31, 2008

Walnut Grove here we come!!!

Maddy dressed up in her Laura Ingalls getup!

Maddy with her cousins.

Hannah waiting for the play to start! Grandma with all the kiddos
Hannah being ohh so good :)
Emily and Sydney cute girlie's.

While my mom was out visiting I tried to think of some fun places we could take her to while she was here ,when I heard of the Little House on the Prairie Pageant I was sold.Now I knew that my girls would go for it but I didn't know about my brothers kids. For I knew that they probably never heard of the show, but thanks for the series of lil house I got my nieces familiar with it, and come the end of the week after watching lil house ever night they were all pumped about going.As you can probably tell Madisyn was the most excited about going when she heard we were going she looked up stores where she could find a dress and a bonnet, for she wanted to dress up and look just like Laura. Now Ashley being the teen that she is wasn't thinking that was the best idea and let Maddy know if she did dress up that she had to walk at least 10ft behind us. Maddy lucked out when we got to Walnut Grove of course in the little shop there in town was all the dress get up a girl could want I told her that she could get the bonnet, and the next day at a yard sale she found a apron that her Grandma got for her and a doll. But all in all it was a great little trip.The pageant turned out to be pretty good (even my nephew who had no desire to go) told me that it was good.We walked away with some good memories.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dancing Queens

This was Emily's favorite outfit and mine too.
Little red riding hood.Can anyone guess what Emily's going to be for Halloween?
Maddy in her La bamba outfit.Ohh so cute!

Maddy and Emily finished up another year of dance and they both did a great job.With us out here in Minnesota we don't have any of the Grandma's able to make it to the recital so I had to be the one that stepped up and got the flowers for them when they were finished with their performance.They always loved getting them when we lived in Utah and of course let me know that that was a tradition that I needed to carry on with Grandma's or no Grandma's.But it was something I gladly did and see why the Grandma's liked doing it so much the pretty smile on their face was great.I guess young and old girls just like to get flowers!!

Summer Days

Hannah at Lake George. This is the lake that is about 2 minutes from our house we spend alot of time here.