Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exploring Minnesota

We live in such a beautiful state! I love to show our visitors some of our most favorite places to go! If we could skip the freezing winters; Minnesota would be perfect.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Still Water

Still Water is my all time favorite place to visit in Minnesota, I love all the little shops, eating at the restaurants along the St. Croix river, the beautiful scenery, and walking along the St. Croix river. It was a perfect autumn night to visit Still Water, the kids of course visited their favorite shop there, the candy shop and the adults had fun looking at the antique shops.

Mall of America

You can't visit Minnesota without visiting the Mall of America, this is one place that we make sure all of our house guest visit! We did a little bit of ride riding, shopping, eating and cheese sampling. It was a fun day! Mike, Michael, Pauline and Danny all went on the skateboard, it made me sick just watching the ride. The ride did a whole lot of spinning and going up real high!

Fabulous Fall Fun

On Saturday we went to an apple orchard in Still Water the scenery is Amazing and so is all the food they have there, later that night we had a "APPLE" theme dinner: apple brats, honey crisp apples and dip, and apple cider. Fabulous!!

A Special Day

Emily was baptized on Saturday, we are so pleased with Emily's decision to be baptized and for choosing the right! We were blessed to have a lot of family and friends there that came to support Emily on her Special Day!