Monday, December 27, 2010

ChRiStMas FuN

Even with record breaking snow totals we were still able to fit in some of our favorite Christmas activities! Christmas cookies, craft projects, Christmas movies, shopping in a winter wonderland, siblings gift exchange,ward Christmas party and a Christmas dance recital.

Monday, December 13, 2010

12 days till Christmas

I was reminded today that there are only 12 days till Christmas, which means I have a lot of fun traditions that I still need to squeeze in, I need to go out and get the 12 day of Christmas countdown presents, lots of Christmas baking to be done, gingerbread houses to decorate, secret Santa shopping to do, some fun Christmas crafts and maybe just maybe getting some of my Christmas bought would be a good idea too!

I just don't know where the time is going I feel so behind this year, but it was a good reminder this morning that I need to get my butt in to gear!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kind people

This week has been one that if I could erase I totally would. With the week long flu visiting every member of my family, an extra crabby little boy, feeling the stress of being a single parent and more snow than I could handle on my own. It was not only a physically draining but mentally as well.

On the upside though I realize that we are surrounded by kind people in our lives. I am one that would probably rather cut off my own arm than ask people for help, but have realized that sometimes as much as I hate to do it, it may be necessary for me in the next couple of months.

So today I am grateful for kind people in my life that have pulled me out of my "poor me"mode. I am grateful for a couple that have adopted my husband and have treated him like a son, invited him to go to activities, dinner, the movies and have made him feel at home in their home. A friend that called to offer any help that she could even though she has three small children all under the age of four, ward members that offered to help clear the foot of snow in my driveway(I may be exaggerating I've never been good at measurements), a good friend that showed up with a gallon of milk today after going one whole day without it,(lesson learned, I need to start watching the weather a little more!) and a neighbor who in all actuality is a complete stranger, snow plowed my driveway today.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mase Lightyear

Hannah's favorite movie right now is "Toy Story" and whenever she request to watch it Mason is right there with her watching it.
He now walks around pointing his laser beam arm at everyone pushing his imaginary button on his arm making shooting noises. Of course his favorite toys to play with right now are Buzz and Woody which of course are Hannah favorites' right now too!

I must say he makes a pretty cute Buzz Lightyear!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maddy's Goal

Madisyn finished her Faith in God a couple months back, she completed all the required activities plus some, memorized all the articles of faith, and had her interview with the Bishop, she is officially ready to enter Young Women's... now she just has to wait till she turns 12 next month.
Good job Madisyn!!