Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'd settle for a slow down.

Its been a crazy busy week!! On Thursday I cleaned four houses, got home had enough time to change my clothes then had to head to the oral surgeon to get a wisdom tooth pulled.
Turned around the next day to get the girls off to school, go clean another house, get home with enough time to eat lunch and change my clothes and then head out the door to take Ashley to her Ortho appointment(seriously is this girl ever going to get her braces off??) on the route to getting Ashley from school I got a call from Madisyn's school saying that Maddy had bumped her head and may possibly need stitches!! So after picking up Ashley we head to Maddy's school. We get Ashley's appt. out of the way and then head to the doctor where they find that Maddy does indeed need stitches. From there we head home to pickup Emily, Hannah, and Mike to head to Anoka High School where Madisyn and Emily have dress rehearsal for their dance recital. Once their rehearsal is over we head to Apple Bees for dinner, YUM!!

On Saturday Shad and his kids came down so Shad could help us with the final steps for our sand point. (Yay, free water to water my lawn!!) I had the hard job as supervising, it was rough but someone had to do it. Thanks so much Shad for all your hard work, Mike says he wouldn't be surprised if you change your number and accidentally forget to tell me. Austin, Ashtyn, and Sydney talked their dad into letting them stay the night, which everyone was excited for when he said "YES"!
We then started the 2 hour hair and makeup session for Maddy and Emily and then all headed to the girls recital. Finally after picking up pizza we returned home at 9:30 to eat our dinner.

On Sunday we managed to have a mini party for Hannah's birthday, before I needed to start the hair and makeup session for tonight's recital and Mike leaving to run Shad's kids home

As stressful as the last four days have been I wouldn't have it any other way, because before to long all wonder where all the years went.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cashing in!!

This Mother's day I got my beloved coupon book from Maddy, this is something I receive every year from one of my children, and is for sure one of my favorite gifts!! This year the book consisted of the following:

A spa treatment
Clean the table
Do nails
Make breakfast
Make lunch
Make dinner( can use 3 times)
Make anything
Set table

Now I'm not one to put the coupon book in the drawer as a forgotten keepsake, every year I'm pretty good at using my coupons, and tonight when I was using one of the coupons( making dinner) Maddy informed me that I could use my coupons as much as I want, SWEET I think I'll take her up on that offer!!