Thursday, May 31, 2012

Good Friends

Our good friends the Villarreals and Steve and Kathy, stopped by on their way home from Kristen brother's house. We were able to spend a couple of hours with them all. The kids were in heaven catching up with some of their besties from MN and we had a wonderful time catching up with some of our besties!!

Wished it was a longer visit but we enjoyed the time we had with them.

The Piano recital

The girls had their Spring piano recital, they both did a wonderful job and are picking up on the piano very nicely. It was so fun to hear the progress that they've made since their Christmas recital.
 Good job Madi and Emily!!

Last day of School

The girls last day was almost two weeks ago.... so this post is a little late. The girls had Award days  and they both received an award. We are so proud of all the hard work they did this year! It was a great year and the girls will both miss their teachers, their teachers were fabulous!!


The day has finally came Ashley... you're graduated . We are so proud of you Ashley!

Thank you for all the support and graduation gifts for Ashley. We seriously have the best family and friends ever! Ashley felt very loved!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Kansas City

We had a girls trip(minus Ashley because she couldn't get off work) to Kansas City to go to the open house for the Kansas City temple. It is a beautiful temple and it was such a wonderful opportunity to  be able to be standing in the sealing and celestial rooms with my girls, the last time I was in the sealing room with one of my children is when Ashley was getting sealed to Mike and I. I still remember the feeling of JOY as Mike, Ashley and I all looked in to the mirrors that represent eternity, and  then to be able to stand and look into the same mirrors  with my other was amazing!! The girls were in awe of the temple and its beauty!
After the temple we headed over to Liberty jail.

It was a great little trip and one that will hold a memory forever!


Mike was mowing the lawn and Mason insisted on helping his dad mow the whole lawn. It took Mike an hour longer, but he patiently got it done.