Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Finally we got a break from the rainy/snow/cold weather and had a weekend that we could go to the pumpkin patch. We found a pumpkin patch in Still Water that the girls loved. After the pumpkin patch we went down the street to an apple orchard and had lots of yummy food that all had to do with apples, apples brats, apple donuts, and carmel apples. I love fall and all the things that come along with it, pumpkin patches, making Halloween cookies, Halloween movies, apple cider, fall decor, and trick or treating.

It had a lot of fun things outside to do and to look at.

Hannah my soon to be Veterinarian loved all the animals that they had around, the turkey was her favorite she followed it around for a while.

We also had our Fall Festival at church, which the girls have been waiting for all month. Hannah was feeling a little under the weather so she stayed home with Dad and Mason, her nice big sisters made their own carnival for Hannah so she wouldn't miss out to much.

They finished of the night with a little trunk or treating.

Maddy and Rebekah.

Emily and Karsyn.

Monday, October 12, 2009


A couple of weeks ago Mike's brother and family and youngest sister were out visiting. While they were here we all went to the Mall Of America, we had a great day shopping!

There were a couple of stores on their list that were a must, the Wisconsin Cheese store was one of them, Paul and Carter are huge Packers Fans!

Hannah got left out of the picture and insisted I get one of her.

Ashley and Pauline went shopping on their own for a while and hit all the clothing stores.

The kids and some of the adults loved lego land.

Emily has been asking to go to Build A Bear for a long time so this is one of the stores that was on the list.

We don't make are way to MOA very often so it's always fun when we have visitors and have an excuse to go shopping for the day.


After almost 2 1/2 years Ashley finally got off her braces!!

Now she just has to wear her retainer, she got lucky her Ortho likes to use the clear retainers so you can't even tell she is wearing one, so she'll actually wear it unlike her elastic bands.(that had she had worn would have gotten her braces off a year earlier)

This smile is worth every penny!!