Friday, May 27, 2011

ScHoOls oUt FoR thE SuMmEr

Summer has officially started at the Hobbs house, bring on the BBQ's, flip flops, sun kissed skin, gardening, yard work, a visit from grandma, our trip to Utah, outdoor workouts, days at the pool, swimming lessons, library reading groups, late nights, a trip to an amusement park, bonfires,snow cones, and the best of all Quality time with my kids!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Glorious, Indeed!

Today was a day that I felt was worthy of a post, nothing glorious to the outside world happened but one that I want to remember none-the-less.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day, I got lots and lots of laundry done, helped clean a friends empty house, did a kick butt workout, picked the kids up from school, made dinner, took the kids to the library and then after the library we went to the park and played.

What made this day glorious to me was watching my kids running, swinging, sliding and laughing. It makes me so happy seeing them so happy and I thought to myself, I have a BEAUTIFUL family, I am so blessed to be the mother of these 5 kids, they are what feed my soul, they are what make me truly happy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Class of 2017

Madisyn graduated from 6th grade yesterday, she will now be moving on to junior high school(again).
Madisyn enjoyed going back to elementary school when we moved to Omaha, it helped her make friends really fast because instead of 7 different classes every day she was able to be in the same class with the same group of kids all day long, however, she is ready to tackle her new school in 3 short months!

They also did Awards Day on the same day, and with the girls only being in their school for 3 months they didn't get quite the recognition that I'm sure they wanted but they both were able to get a couple of awards and make their mom pretty proud!

Daddy Daughter Dance

The girls had a Daddy Daughter Dance at their school. Maddy and Emily were excited to get all dressed up and go on a date with their dad. Besides Maddy's little mishap of tripping on the schools "Red Carpet" and banging up her knee really good, everyone had a great time busting some moves!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Madisyn in the middle

A few weeks ago Madisyn brought home a paper requiring my permission to do testing to see if she would qualify for the HAL(high ability learner) program. Today she got her test results back and she scored above the 95th percentile which qualifies her to be in the gifted program next year this primarily means having the opportunity to be involved in extra activities such as quiz bowls and math competitions, and may also become eligible for Duke University's TIP(Talent Identification) program which will provide the opportunity to take the ACT test while in junior high school!

We are so proud of Madisyn she LOVES to learn, she is often found with her nose in a book and takes all of her school testing very seriously.

We often say that Maddy is our " Malcolm in the middle"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Buttons?

Hannah came home from her friend Holly's house and said, " Holly said I was pushing her buttons?" and then in a confused voice Hannah said, " But mom I wasn't pushing any buttons, there wasn't any buttons?"

Mike, Ashley, and I had a good laugh and then I explained to Hannah what Holly meant.