Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 reasons

Dear Mom and Dad,

Here are three reasons why I think I should have a cell phone.(and I hope you guys agree) First I do what you ask me too do and sometimes do it without being asked. Like if you ask me to do something for you I'll do it and one day I cleaned the WHOLE house so you didn't have to worry about it. 2nd I get straight A's and I'm always on the honor Roll list. This trimester i got all A's no A-'s. Third, I'll have my cell phone wherever I go so If I'm playing with Makayla and Sam I won't have to use yours or theirs and I'll call you whenever we go somewhere else. Also if I get a cell phone I will do my chores all the time without being asked(even though I will now do that anyways cuz I agree I haven't been doing mine a lot) and I'll do whatever you guys want. I hope that for all those reasons you guys will think about getting me a cell phone.

I LOVE you guys!

p.s. I also cleaned my room without being asked.(I think)

Maddy you pleaded a pretty good case, but sorry try again in a few years.

p.s. I asked you to clean your room a week ago, I guess you forgot that I'd asked you by the time you cleaned it. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Father of the Year

Emily nominated her Dad for the 2010 Minnesota Twins Father of the Year Essay Contest, and if they win they get to go to a Twins game together.

Here is Emily's Essay she submitted.

"What My Father Means to me. My father is very important to me because When I am sick my dad gives me a blessing. My dad helps me with my homework and when I am sad my dad tickles me. My dad is silly I love my dad. He takes me to the ball games He is the best. When he comes home from work I give a very very big hug. My dad makes me happy.
My dad is the best every."

Wow what an honor, very sweet Em!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Short but Sweet

My mom came out for a short visit a week ago, though it was very short we managed to fit in a lot fun. We had some yummy dinners, a day at the pool, a talent show, game playing, and a lot of visiting.

We took turns sitting with Mason, he was a very good boy and enjoyed watching all the kids swim.

Hannah really wanted to go down the slide but once she got to the top she decided it wasn't such a good idea, so after 5 trips up the set of stairs Aunt Jen decided she would just take Hannah, thinking Hannah would love it once she went.........

That wasn't the case, Hannah was screaming the whole way down and for about 10 minutes after, she needed a little mommy time and then she was good to go!
We had an awesome weekend! Thanks for coming to visit mom.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Will YOU......

This took 600 plastic cups and is on the Blaine High School fence.

Logan asked Ashley if she would answer him with the plastic cups. It looks like a YES to me!

Ashley is going to PROM!! We couldn't be happier with her date, he seems like a great boy, with an awesome family, after her invite we all went back to Logan's house to chat with his family.

Prom is April 17
th two days after her 16th birthday, and Ashley can't decide which one she's more excited about. I think prom has it by a mile.