Friday, August 19, 2011

BaCk tO sCHoOL

Top reasons why I didn't want school to start this year:

The summer was waaaay to short!

My baby girl Hannah started ALL day Kindergarten!

Emily started 4th grade.. which I hear is a bear in this school district!

Madisyn started 7th grade.. which in our district 7th thru 12th grade is in the same grade! 7th graders mixed with high school kids....scary!!

Ashley started 12th grade.....AHHH I have a Senior!

I hated to see Summer end and face reality, but in the end the only tears that were shed on the first day were mine and the girls all had a good day!

Emily was so good with Hannah she helped me walk Hannah to her class and then Emily and I gave Hannah a big kiss and told her good-bye. Hannah then told Emily, " I love you Emily..I'll really miss you today."

With all the picture taking Mason kept saying "Cheese" I guess he wanted his picture taking too!

I guess it's just Me and Buddy at home.


Linz said...

I feel so emotional for you reading this post! Ahhh! Seeing off four children for their first day of school after a wonderful summer would be crazy! Sounds like it all went well! Enjoy more time with Mason! What a treat for him!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I just relized something this is the first year me and madi havent gone to school on the first day of school together I miss you guys so much!! Lots of love