Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dear Madisyn

Happy 14th birthday! Your dad and I went into a freak out mode the other night, we couldn't believe we have another daughter getting so old! You get to start going to the church dances, you'll be starting seminary in the Fall and in this crazy state of Nebraska you can get your school drivers learning permit...ummmm scary!! You are getting more beautiful by the day and continue to make me proud daily. You have such a great work ethic, a heart of gold, the most sweetest nature about you, the funniest laugh, you are getting to be a great shopping partner, you're reliable, kind, loving, a great volleyball player and getting to be an amazing pianist, and a joy to be around!(most days haha) I love you bunches and bunches! Love, Mom.

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Nicole said...

Shantel, you are so good about blogging! So fun to see how you guys are doing and how much the kids are growing up! Miss you!