Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Madisyn,

My, how time flies it is so weird to think that you're a teenager now. Madisyn I am so proud of what an amazing young woman that you are turning into. You are seriously so sweet I get asked quite often, "Does she ever not have a smile on her face?" and my response is, "Rarely!" You have some amazing qualities, you are so smart we were so proud of your 4.0 report card I know we tease you that it comes natural.. which some of it may, I also know you work very hard for your grades! You are very responsible always have been from such a young age, you are beautiful from the inside and out. You are a great example to everyone you come into contact with especially your sisters. You have a great eye for fashion, you're funny, sweet, hardworking, a great friend, lovable and amazing!
Happy 13th birthday Madisyn!

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Katy said...

love that girl! So grateful for her and the friendship she gives Shelley!