Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Am Thankful For

Good people in the world:

We have been looking for a place for Mike to stay in Omaha, while we stay in Minnesota to sell our home. We were praying for a older couple to take Mike in from one of the wards in the Omaha area, knowing that there was NO way we could afford to pay rent for a place out there. Our prayers were answered and my heart was deeply touched by a couple willing to offer up their basement to a complete stranger and the only thing they asked in return was helping clear the snow from the driveway when it snowed, people are GOOD!!


My kids have been more than supportive in this new crazy venture that we're putting them through. A brother that has helped us with a number of house projects and is sacrificing part of his Thanksgiving weekend to help us with more. Family that have offered help that has put my mind at ease.

Good Friends:

A friend that will take time out of his BUSY days to call a list of bishops to find a place for your husband to live. A friend that has put my mind at ease about Omaha, been a listening ear and contacted friends of hers for a place for Mike to stay. Friends that have offered to make our move to Omaha as less stressful as possible.

My Husband:

Our life is as good as it is because of Him. It's the risks and moves that he has made that have made it possible for him to provide for a family of seven and for me to be a stay at home mom.

My Heavenly Father:

He has showered blessings on me that I'm not sure I deserve. He has picked me up on days where I felt like giving up, he answered prayers even though I had no faith they would be answered, He continues to love me in spite all my imperfections.

Home Remedies:

Clove oil = instant relief from dry sockets!! I LOVE CLOVE OIL!!


Teresa said...

I'm glad to hear the pieces are coming together for you. :) I didn't know you use Essential Oils. What brand do you use? I just slathered all my kids in EO's tonight as a preventative measure for the coming cold school week.

Andie said...

Love this post! Soooo glad Mike found a place to stay!!! You guys are being so blessed.

I didn't know you ended up with dry sockets, you poor thing. In the middle of all your moving chaos, too! :( Glad you're feeling better.

shantel said...

Teresa I actually was never into any of the home remedies before, (Mike has always been into them) but after getting dry sockets over the weekend and not being able to get in with my dentist, I gave them a try!I was amazed what pain killers couldn't even touch the oil took the pain away instantly.

Kristen said...

You have great friends because you are a great friend! I still have to keep reminding myself that my parent's live half way to Omaha. We will still see you guys! We are excited for you though, getting closer to home.